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I've only just read the newsletter, so I haven't listened to our watched any of the linked media yet, but I'm looking forward to hearing Feve's chat. When you mentioned he was working on the next Alien movie, I initially rolled my eyes. Prometheus is the most rage inducing movie I have ever had to endure. It infuriated me. Needless to say, I've never seen Covenant. But apparently Romulus is a stand alone. If it can be to the Alien franchise as Prey was to the Predator franchise, it could be fantastic! Here's hoping.

I'm looking forward to listening to your podcast guest appearance. I've been fortunate enough to be invited on to my friends podcast twice, and it's a bit of an out-of-body experience listening to your own voice alongside other voices you're used to listening to. I found I kept reacting with "Huh. I don't remember saying that" a lot. Hahahah!

I just watched the new TMNT Mutant Mayhem a few days ago and freaking loved every frame! My son was standing up in the living room for the whole final battle. He just couldn't sit still, he was so excited. I'm gutted I didn't get the chance to support it in the theater. It's spectacular, gorgeous, funny and very well written and acted. AND I picked up the new print of The Last Ronin, the TMNT story set in a grim future. Man, I LOVE being a (Ninja) Turtle (fan). Cowabunga!

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